Thursday, March 25, 2010

Master Bath: Step 1:COMPLETE

Im so glad that's finally accomplished!!! I finished staining my cabinets, which would have been a cinch had I not accidently used a Glossy Clear Coat instead of a Satin. therefore, I had to resand everything and redo the clear coat again, this time-in Satin. I definalty recommend this as a weekend project to revamp those blah or dated looking cabinets. Thsi quick fix cost me less than $50, and saved me hundreds on new cabinets. Here's the end result:

(This is similat to what they looked like before, minus those white knobs. Mine are Brushed Nickel)

After: I used a Bear stain right from my local Home Depot, after using an electric sander to take the original clear coat off. Super Easy!

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