Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Something you'll often read about

Thank god my husband is as greatof a man as he is, because I have more projects to start :)
Just before Christmas, my daughters decided they wanted their bedrooms redone (again). So this time, we are planning a Juicy Couture Boutique for Victoria. Christina on the other hand said she would like her bedroom to look like a hotel suite. Her only major request? Blue & Chocolate Brown Damask.

Here's my inspiration for both:

Victoria's Juicy Couture Boutique Bedroom

I'm thinking of refinishing her currently white dresser to resemble this green one. So Chic!

A must have: A Chandelier

We recently purchased a white bookcase from Target that is actually very nice looking with ribbed colomns, so adding the fabric should be a cinch.

And for Christina

I love how the upper portion is brown, and if you look closely, you can see the damask print stenciled on the wall. I have an excellent painter by the name of Daniel Mckuhan. I can;t wait to show him this. If you live in NJ and are looking for a great painter, contact me!

I haven't run this by my husband yet, and I'm sure he'd look at my like I have two heads, but I'd love to utlize Christina's closet as a desk space. Easy to change back if we decide to sell.

Christina's decided the brand new bunk beds we bought her in March just "aren't her". Luckily, as soon as I posted them for sale on facebook, I had a taker within minutes. The replacement just may be this gorgeous set from PierOne.

Pleased to meet you.

Name. Dana.Location. NJ Age. 30. I'm mother to the two most amazing daughters, Victoria, age 12 (She's my free spirit) and Christina, age 10 (My Mini-Me), and wife to a wonderful husband who I met in the 7th grade.

My Style.Where do I begin?

 I think it depends on my mood. I like things to be elegant and beautiful. Over the top, without being gawdy. Glamorous yet simple. Just as I said, depends on my mood. I love Interior Design and revamping old furniture. It's amazing what you can do if you have an open mind.

I'm a girl who wakes up each morning with something new in mind to accomplish. Something added to my list of neverending lists. I have a passion for creating. Whether it's creating on paper, or revamping my ever evolving home, I have a knack for creativity and I'm going to use it.

I've created this blog to chronicle, well myself. To inspire. People often ask how I manage to juggle all the things I do. I'm not wonderwoman. I just make it happen. I'm not one for excuses. I want something, mentally or physically, I make it happen. We all can.

You'll learn more about me as we take this journey. Hope you stay tuned.