Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Something you'll often read about

Thank god my husband is as greatof a man as he is, because I have more projects to start :)
Just before Christmas, my daughters decided they wanted their bedrooms redone (again). So this time, we are planning a Juicy Couture Boutique for Victoria. Christina on the other hand said she would like her bedroom to look like a hotel suite. Her only major request? Blue & Chocolate Brown Damask.

Here's my inspiration for both:

Victoria's Juicy Couture Boutique Bedroom

I'm thinking of refinishing her currently white dresser to resemble this green one. So Chic!

A must have: A Chandelier

We recently purchased a white bookcase from Target that is actually very nice looking with ribbed colomns, so adding the fabric should be a cinch.

And for Christina

I love how the upper portion is brown, and if you look closely, you can see the damask print stenciled on the wall. I have an excellent painter by the name of Daniel Mckuhan. I can;t wait to show him this. If you live in NJ and are looking for a great painter, contact me!

I haven't run this by my husband yet, and I'm sure he'd look at my like I have two heads, but I'd love to utlize Christina's closet as a desk space. Easy to change back if we decide to sell.

Christina's decided the brand new bunk beds we bought her in March just "aren't her". Luckily, as soon as I posted them for sale on facebook, I had a taker within minutes. The replacement just may be this gorgeous set from PierOne.

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