Saturday, April 17, 2010

Finally, a dresser with character!

My hunt is finally over for a proper dresser. It would have been quite easy until I saw this dresser chest at a local antique shop. It really does require a bit of work, but the end result will pay off nicely.

I've already stripped most the this awful green paint and as soon as that is done, I will move on to sanding which to me is the most fun. Stay tuned...


  1. That looks great!
    I love it, i want to have this peace;)

    Greetings from Germany...

  2. I would love to own this dresser, what a beauty... lol I kind of like the green paint. :]

  3. Thanks ladies! We've opened up shop on Etsy called where you'll be able to purchase refinished antique treasure of all sorts. Be sure to check us out in the coming weeks.