Monday, April 26, 2010

Rain, Rain Go Away!

Hi Guys!!! It's been raining her in NJ for a few days and when it rains I get very bored. However, it's not entirely a bad thing. While I do have an update on the dresser I've refinished for my daughter's room, I've also decided to update our Kicthen once more. But first things, first...

Excuse the two missing drawers, but they needed another coat. I decided to use a high gloss paint on this piece because it is in my daughters room, which means it will be super easy to clean and it makes it shine, which I will continue to do with her sleigh bed as well. The handles were very dull and I wasn't sure if I should buy new, then that little bulb went off, and I ran in the garage and grabbed a can of metallic two toned spray paint. They came out better than new!

We are all really happy with the way the room is turning out. Now we have to figure out where to store all those toys!


On to my rainy weekend task. If you haven't seen our Kitchen Renovation, you can view it here. Our cabinets are a light pickled oak and from the 10 years of polishing and cleaning them, they've started to dull a bit. Not to mention, the builder used lower grade cabinets. Don't get me wrong, they still look nice, but compared to the new designs, mine are boring. I have a really great painter friend who is going to transform my kitchen from dull oak cabinets to my very own version of the creamy white french kitchens I've been drooling over lately. Here's what we are going for:

I just looooove the creamy white paint with the mocha glaze.

This beadboard seems really easy to do. You can buy it in sheets of like 96" so it really lessens the chance of seems. We've done molding throughout the house so that'll be a cinch.

Here's an upclose shot of what glazing looks like. A bit antiqued. Lovely.

We'll be starting the beadboard tonight, so I'll keep you guys posted.

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